Hi Scotty, I have a 07 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4wd with 112k miles on it. Ive had it for about a year, and I started getting misfires on cylinder 2 and I was leaking coolant. I took it to the shop where they diagnosed that there was a crack in my cylinder head. I paid $2k for the repair because inspection was coming up and I couldnt wait. After getting the vehicle back, I started getting misfires again right away. It gave me a random misfire code. Then it misfired at idle, and we plugged the code reader in while misfiring and it said cylinder 5 misfire. This was like 30 seconds of misfires at idle, so we turned the vehicle off because the whole car was shaking. The car does not always misfire though. The sparkplugs have been changed. I have gotten theses codes since going to the shop for the cylinder head. P0730, P0300, U0404, P0743, U0100, P1127, P0132. I cant get a different car because ive put too much money into this vehicle to turn back now. I would like to attempt to repair stuff myself, but am having trouble narrowing down issues. The low fuel pressure code made me think fuel filter, which is inside the gas tank. The transmission code has me worried in general. I am unsure why I suddenly started getting these codes after getting engine work done. Im also having a warbled grindy sound when pressing the gas pedal going uphill coming from front driver side tire. The sound goes away when not pushing on gas. I need to figure out which of these issues may be related, and which issues are not. I have a recording of the grinding sound, but dont know how to get that on here