I have a 1999 Buick Park Avenue with 90K original miles. I just moved down to Miami from Annapolis,…


I have a 1999 Buick Park Avenue with 90K original miles. I just moved down to Miami from Annapolis, Md. I had a mechanic that I found online come over and give me a free estimate on my AC Unit. I told him that I changed the battery last March. Hot air was coming IN on drivers side and slightly warm air on passenger. Prior to changing battery COLD air was coming through Drivers side and HOT air on passenger. This cat tells me that it the drivers side actuator needs to be replaced as well as the right side actuator. Really?

So I go on you tube and I find video's about replacing blend door actuator. Then I find a comment. The guy says take off the NEGATIVE cable from Battery and let sit for 10 minutes. Then put the cable back on and this will RESET your car. Well low and behold! My car, NOW BLOWS COLD air AGAIN but the passenger side gives out warm air. This mechanic wrote up a estimate for $314.00 for 2 blend door actuators and 85 dollars for 1 hour labor to Remove & Replace the actuators. I called him out and said I will look for my own parts. Then I found parts on www.Rockauto.com for a reasonable price. Then I called a old friend and he told me to START from the ground UP and RECHARGE my AC Unit. So I called this guy back and he swore it was the driver side actuator that needed to be replaced. I never called him back because he is just another guy looking to rip off a customer because of their lack of experience. Well, I am NOT that stupid as I used to be a salesman and I KNOW a pitch when I hear one. PLus I always DO my homework and watch OVER them if I want to use their service.

Anyways, My ? 2 anyone out there? Compressor and Blower motor are fine. Numbers are working at proper gauge pressure on RED and Blue lines. NO LEAKS. Left side actuator is fine. Not sure if the right side is working properly??

Should I just RECHARGE the entire AC Unit with refrigerant, first? Or should I replace RIGHT side (passenger) blend door actuator? Heat does work.

On the other hand you have the Climate Control Module on the Passenger side that may need to be replaced. I never use it. I always keep the level in the middle. Could this be the source of the problem?

Ps. I don't have any tools and this is the main reason why I can't work on the car myself. Your OPINION counts! :)