I have a 2005 Scion xb with a manual transmission and 90k miles. I drove it through an Arkansas river and six months later the engine went out. The car still turns over. Should I get the engine fixed or sell the car for $500? The body and the interior is near perfect. Should I fix it up then try to sell it? Also, I have a 1987 Acura Legend coupe manual tranny with 82,000 original miles and have put some expensive electrical work into the car lately. Should I sell the car now while everything works great or ride it til she dies? Also, I mistakenly was pressured at a car dealer to buy a 2016 chevy spark with a manual tranny and it has 22k miles for $8k. Is this car going to last me over 100k miles, or should I sell it and get a 2017 manual tranny Honda Fit with 17 k miles? I also have a 1994 manual tranny Toyota Pickup with 169k miles that is ugly as heck but the engine is a beast. I'm going to keep the truck. I need a reliable, four door manual tranny car (prefer hatchback and great mpg) to use as a daily driver. I have four cars that I need to turn into two! Keeping the truck, but need a daily driver. Please help and feel free to share on your show!