Eddie Carrara

I got stuck in the snow yesterday and tried driving out of it turning the wheel back and forth. After this did not work I had my brother help push me out. Immediately after I got out the front right tire was making a high pitched grinding sound when idling in gear. I thought I was snow somewhere, but it continued into the next day when it was warmer and the snow melted. I also noticed it when driving with no acceleration, and once I applied the throttle the sound got louder like a chainsaw. This happens about three to four times in my 30 min commute to work. I do not know what it is; I jacked the car up when I got home today to see if anything was loose, but everything seems sound and tight. Except when I move the wheel forward and back (bumper to bumper) there is some play and it made a kind of clicking sound...... Any advice would help.