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Scotty's LIVE Car Talk Of Sat Oct 28 At 10 AM CST. Be there to ask your own question and join in on the fun.

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I bought a 1999 Infiniti I30 V6-2988 3.0L DOHC Car for $700 cash. The guy that sold it to me said its a 2000 yr model. He said he fix everything, he change the key engine because i couldn't c\

i couldn't crank it up so he said he put a new one in it but i still had the same key. he told me he change all the fluid in the car. new tires. he lied about everything i had to stop driving the car a week after i bought it. i had to change the oil in the car at sears and sears said i was in danger. because i need a shock/strut service or repair, suspension service or repair, alignment service, air filter, serp,alt or drive belt, coolant/antifreeze fluid exchange, power steering fluid exchange, cv/halfshaft service or repair. sears said that i'll be out of $2000 or $3000 get it fix.

technician comments: 35PSI, rear tires have wire showing, oil leak from drain pan, rear main, covers, cv axle boots blown, control arm bushings worn out, hole melted into coolant resevior, noise coming from power stering pump. i got kids that i take to school thank GOD it dont break down or something happen to anybody. but i lost my money i dont no what to do i dont have the money to fix it. he should have been truthful about the car. could i take him to court or i lost.

take your loss and run. 700 bucks for an I 30 tells me it was a piece of junk, they go for tons more than that if they are in good hape. Don't go any further, get a good used toyota and see it as a lesson learned

why buy an almost 20 y o luxury car which is one step away from the junkyard judging by the price and expect anything positive to come out of the experience...