Scotty, Please review and respond about the 3 issues below. (1) My 2007 Buick Rainier CXL(6 cylinder) with 215,155 miles has a digital gas mileage range at the bottom of the dash's instrument…



Please review and respond about the 3 issues below.

(1) My 2007 Buick Rainier CXL(6 cylinder) with 215,155 miles has a digital gas mileage range at the bottom of the dash's instrument cluster that the majority of the time does not work correctly. 

The steering wheel has buttons that you can push to access vehicle settings. The button with a gas pump with a i in the center will take you to the digital gas mileage range, along with the fuel used, engine oil life and average mph economy.

When I fill my gas tank up, the digital mileage range should show about 396 miles to empty(22 gallon tank x a average of 18 miles per gallon=396 miles). My gas guage in the cluster shows that the tank is full and operates as it should. But the digital mileage range now shows anywhere from 150 to 215 miles when the tank is full. This is not a major issue but I like things to work as they should. Any ideas as to what could be causing the digital mileage range to not work properly?

I did have the cluster sent off and reworked recently because my water temperature guage and a few lights in the instrument cluster were not working properly. The lights that I had fixed were the ones that were not illuminating different gauges at night. Other than these issues with the instrument cluster everything else checked out fine. I have read through the owner's manual to see if there are any reset steps to correct this issue but I found none about this particular issue. 

**2 Codes that my Rainier had at the last oil change:

P0014- Timing Over Advanced
P0445- EVAP(Evaporative System Purge Control Valve Shorted) *Gas Smell Sometimes

(2) Rainier has rear air suspension which has developed a leak. The rear end is starting to go down. I googled this issue and found out that this is common problem. Many of the websites that I looked at recommended to take the air suspension out and to replace it with a coil spring suspension. I believe that this solution will be the least expensive and I wouldn't have time worry about this happening again. What's your recommendation?

(3) Another issue that I would like to get your feedback on is my oil pressure. A few months back I had a warning light to show that certain guages in the instrument cluster were not working. The gauge in question was my oil pressure at idle speed. Although when my vehicle is under power the gauge works as it should. So I took my vehicle to my mechanic and he said that I needed a new oil sending unit. I purchased a new oil sending unit and the mechanic installed it. After the new sending unit was installed the oil pressure gauge appeared to work fine. But within a day or two the oil pressure guage started doing the same thing- hardly any pressure at all when the vehicle is idling. So I took my vehicle back and he took the new sending unit off and connected a manual gauge. The mechanic's manual guage showed about 5 pounds of pressure at idle. He put the new sending unit back on for he did not have time to check this issue more in depth at that time. Being that it was the end of last year, he told me that I would have to come back after the first of the year for him to check this issue out further. Because the oil pressure guage is working properly now when the vehicle is at idle, my mechanic told me to keep an eye on the oil gauge and if I have to stop at a red light or get caught in traffic to put the vehicle in neutral and increase my idle so that the oil pressure guage reads as it should. I am concerned about this for I am disabled(bone cancer in my left leg) and have to drive about 4 hours to my specialty doctors in Atlanta, GA about every six months for follow-up appointments. But ironically this issue seems to have corrected itself because the oil pressure guage works like it should now even when I'm idling and the warning light that came on at the beginning of this issue has never come back on to tell me that I have a gauge in my instrument cluster that is not working. I have not taken my vehicle back to my mechanic for everything shows to be working fine. Since I am on disability I don't have the money to spend for the gauges show that everything is ok. Another reason why I am on a very tight budget now is because of Hurricane Michael. I live in Southwest Georgia and my county(Early) was one of three counties in Georgia to get disaster relief. Hurricane Michael was on Octoberbe10, 2018. My mehanic did inform me that I might have gotten a defective sending unit- although his manual gauge showed that I had about 5 pounds of pressure when my vehicle was idling. My mechanic also told me that my oil pump might need to be replaced or that my motor was about to go for I have a little over 200,000 miles on my vehicle. So what would be your recommendation on this issue. I just don't want to cause any damage to my motor, break down enroute to my doctors' appointments and be about 3 hours from home or have issues while I'm in Atlanta traffic. I do keep the maintenance up on my vehicle- oil and filter changed when recommended and other fluids checked and flushed when required. 

Please review the issues that I have noted above and reply back as to your recommendations. 

I am including my cell number below if you would like to discuss these issues with me by phone or if you have any other questions. 

Thanks in advance for your help and recommendations. 

I like your YouTube channel and have learned a lot from your videos. 

Thank you,

Jim Clinkscales