Scotty my '13 Nissan Titan with 111k miles intermittently doesnt want to start for me. Either I will turn the key and it will do nothing, not even display on the dash, or it will turn over and get dash power, but it just cranks but won't fire. If i cycle the key on and off a bunch of times, it eventually fires right up. Do you think my ignition could be worn out? My primary key stopped opening the tailgate lock one day and i assumed it was dirty and jammed. But then I used my spare key which opens the tailgate just fine, but now i have this intermittent no start issue. It seems to be worse on cold damp days. I made the mistake of shutting the engine off in the car wash bay one day and I almost couldnt get it out! But it can do this at any time. Sometimes if i leave the ignition on accessory mode to listen to the radio for a bit when the truck isnt running, it won't start up. If i take the key out and try again it starts right up. I do make tons of short trips as this is primarily a work truck and Im constantly in and out. How can i be sure its the ignition and not like a relay or something?

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Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer


try a new key that has the correct immobilizer chip in it first. Also have the battery load tested

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