Rebuild Replace Sell? 22RE

My 22RE lacks power, and sounds like a diesel. 3 reputable mechanics have all failed to find a solution. What 2 do?

I have a 1994 Toyota Pickup 4x4 with 22RE and 5 speed manual. I spent a lot of money restoring it but have been taken by 3 different mechanics who said they can get it running right. It doesn’t. I thought the 22re was one of the easiest motors to work on but even the so called experts are baffled by the way it drives. It lacks power and sounds like a diesel. Do you think I should replace or rebuild the engine at this point? I’m married now with a new baby and money is an issue. I can’t keep throwing money away but need a reliable second car. I would sell it but wouldn’t get half of what I have in it.

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Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer


replace the motor, try to get one from japan used