ford Ranger 2015 - Head light issue

Hi Scotty,
Help please. got an issue with my ford after installing a new Philips x-treme ultinon LED head lights.

It was an easy install knowing I did it already on my previous car. but it turns out badly. after installing the new LED H4, i test it if it was working properly and yes it did Hi and low beam working .

the issue started when I start my car to do a test when the engine is running. to my surprise the low beam is not working and only hi beam is functioning. so i turn the engine off and test again low beam and it is working again.

up to the point when it is not working any more neither engine running or on battery.

  • i did try to reconnect the old halogen bulbs and got the same issue. check all fuses are ok, battery connection disconnect and reconnected. no luck at all..

-some people told me that it could be the BCM..?

-please advise for any possible solution for my issue or what might be the cause of the problem.

realize it could be the bcm, but if it only did it after putting those new bulbs in, realize sometimes those leds damage wiring IF they are not installed with ballast resistors on the system, MANY are not plug and play

hi Scotty, is there another way around to fix the issue.?