2004 Olds Alero. Real beater. Not sure worth the cost of repairs - Last fall driving home it stopped dead. No power. Rolled to stop about a block from home. Pushed home. Won’t start. Left in garage over Christmas. Battery dead.

Borrowed jump starter/battery booster from Autozone (free when I left ID as collateral - so shoutout to Autozone). Connected to vehicle wiring directly bypassing the battery. Nothing. Not even dome lights. Put dead battery back in and hooked to dead battery and wiring and waited. NOTHING. Reconnected negative lead to car frame. Dome light on, car turned over! Got out to remove things sitting on car so I could pull it out of garage. Before I could get back in car it died. No power again. Reconnected jump starter. Nothing. No dome light. Jiggled it a little and messed around with putting negative on different part of the body of the car. It started again. Pulled out of garage and left in NEUTRAL so it can be towed if necessary.

SO. I think I can eliminate a few things:

Bad fuel pump - nope

Bad starter (I replaced myself last spring) - nope

Dead battery - yes. BUT want to diagnose real PRIOR to buying new battery because I don’t want to spend over $100 on a battery if the car isn’t worth repairing

Bad fuses - nope

Bad wiring - I think THIS is my problem. How do I diagnose where the wires are bad?

Could also be bad alternator, but that wouldn’t cause dome lights to be flat dead, right?

Matt Woolley, Orem, Utah

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Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer


battery or alternaotr, or both. They can be tested

Scotty Kilmer
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