Shaking, power loss, no catalytic converter, broken wires at upstream O2 sensor

Hey Scotty

I bought this truck for work from who I thought was a friend. She sold it to me for $300.00 with a non working fuel pump. I changed the pump (new) and was able to get it started. It ran really rough so here is what I've done...

Oil change, plugs, wires, cap, rotor, crank shaft position sensor under the distributer cap, idle air flow sensor, air filter, air intake gasket, exhaust tape around pin holes at welds, inspected for vacuum leaks and probably more I have forgot to mention.

What's still happening...

First it's driving now (minimal)

At any speed I go I get vibration or shaking, not in the steering wheel,(seats, front cab) rather anytime I try to maintain a speed. I get popping, I like to describe it as tho I'm making popcorn as I am driving. Also happens at any speed including, but less of, during idle. No shaking when I apply brakes! I get a rough idle my rpms are roughly 600-700. Sometimes it cuts power completely while I drive, throw it neutral and turn the key, so far it's always started back up. The catalytic converter was thought to be an issue so it was hollowed out, still had the O2 sensor in it but the wires are not attached (broken) damaged beyond repair when hollowing the catalytic.

Sounds to be a very strong engine with a great body and thought I was getting a good deal but now it just seams that I'm putting a lot of time and money into it seeing very little results. Not complaining, I did buy a non running vehicle and now it runs and drives. I just want it to be safe.

Thanks for your time, love your educational and humorous YouTube channel


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Really very old model is this but still have worth and we need to use this car for the long travelling with the converter. There is in the internet only one website that is super fast reply website which is having all old more than 2000 models of this car.


Well that was helpful, I get that you get a lot of endless comments and questions that need answers. Man I was just reaching out. I have a mechanic that I usually take my rigs to, but this one I really wanted to be my project truck. Something to be proud of. I'll go back to getting answers from forums and the mind numbing researching. I have been inspired by so many of your videos. I also live in a small town where to get a basic scan will run $235.00, 2 mechanics here and that's their price because we'll there's no competition here. Thanks again

Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer


those are endless money pits as they age. Selling it for 300 bucks showed it wasn't taken care of in the past, and that's death for a dodge. Bite the bullet and pay a mechanic like me to at least test it out with his dealer level scanner and find if it's worth putting more money into it, or just scrapping it, or driving it till it drops then scrapping it

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