The Secret To Correct Car Battery Replacement

The Secret To Correct Car Battery Replacement

Scotty Kilmer, mechanic for the last 50 years, shows what you MUST do to correctly replace your car's battery so the electonics do not go haywire. Modern cars are full of computers, and they tend to go totally insane if you shut off their power and then install a new battery and connect it up. BUT, a simple 15 dollar tool can prevent all that, as Scotty shows.

Have done this for years on older cars. But after seeing this video with my newer cars I see much more need to make sure I have power at all times.

Yes, that's why I made this video . Most people have NO idea until it's too late

Would the same apply if you're only disconnecting the ground cable from the battery? For example when cleaning sensors or changing spark plugs.. I assume it would since the circuit is being broken