2018 Summer New Release - Roadi OBD2 Scanner Bluetooth Code Reader


Read& Erase OBD2 code, Show Descriptions, Causes, Solutions, Review mileages , Know fuel cost and more...

What can Roadi mini OBD2 scanner do?

1. Download Roadi free APP on an Android or iOS Devices. Connect the scanner with the app via Bluetooth. Then users are able to diagnose their cars. Monitor the car Temp, battery voltage, Speed, RPM, and more through a phone. With a car phone holder, they can real-time monitor their car.

2. Diagnose car in 20 seconds. Recognize vehicle information, Read& Erase Code. Turn off Check Engine light and more...

3.Know CodeDescription, Causes, Solutions.

Normally, new users of OBD2 scanner need to Google the code and the causes or solutions, and need to ask more experienced person for their car problems if detected. But Roadi OBD2 scanner has done these for them. By collecting about 100,000 codes, 20,000 causes and solutions from thousands blogs, websites, car merchanics, Roadi successfully creates this revolutionary product for users easliy know better about their car problems. With the Share function, Users can discuss their car problem with others.

4. Review Daily& Monthly Driving Data.

Creator of Roadi OBD2 scanner is an experienced car DIYer and lover, he finds it can be a good thing if he can know how much he spends on fuel cost in a day, cause his car can not calculate mileage automatically. In order to make it come true, he innovatively combined superposition principle with car OBD2 port, through great efforts, Roadi OBD2 scanner made it possible to calculate mileage for any car with a OBD2 port. Finally by inputing unit price, he got the result of fuel cost with mileage in a single day. What's more, he added Google map to track the route, so that he can know the time, cost, from one place to the destination.

5. Set Car Maintenance Remind

Usually when our car mileage comes to a special degree, we need to do some maintenance.

Roadi adds this function to enable users to record what maintenance they have done last time, and upload receipt pictures. And by selecting maintenance contents, users can get remind on what maintenance they need to do for their car next time.

Roadi OBD2 scanner has just released this summer.

it is now available on Amazon by typing Roadi OBD2 scanner.

As it has just relaesed, the price is fairly low.

For more information.

Please contact : smilejiang2018@gamil.com