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Hi Scotty!! My daughter has $10,000 and a $35k loan. She has to have a car. I told her to stay with Honda or Toyota. She is a dental hygienists, 27 years old. She's super nice. My question is which of those and what year and model would you pick out for your daughter?

She has a pt cruise 160k miles. I just put $2500 in the transmission and the rear seal is leaking. I told her to fix that and keep driving till she pays off most of that loan?

The front suspension needs a little work too. She says she does not want to put any more money in it... lol her money. It was my money in it till she got a job recently. I told her to look at what I am driving. I still have my 1990 Ford Festiva. Scotty, my front left wheel feel off about half way. I had just gotten finished doing about 75 on interstate going to work. Pulled in to park and hear the clunk. Tire sideways in the wheel well.

Thanks Scotty!! Friend in Nashville


Note This may not be the right way to send a message, but I did what the instructions said and I clicked on ask Scotty and it kept asking for a user name which I had already created. I then just went to a vin conversation and "broke in" that way to get this message to you. I know it has to be operator error on my part. Sorry

I know that Scotty is not a fan of Chrysler products. I think he would advise to sell it and get an old Toyota Camry or Corolla, and don't worry about the mileage just make sure it is in good mechanical condition by having a mechanic check it out before buying it (for about $100) They can run forever and cost little to maintain. She could get one for the amount she spent on the transmission.