My dream car

MY dream muscle car at 17 years old.

I got this car with Cragar SS wheels as my first car and I was just getting into basic mechanics with my pap working on his 1972 Chevelle SS. When I got the car I couldn't believe it it has a fully rebuilt 302 Cleveland, C-4 Transmission with a shift kit, and a Ford 9 inch rear end with 373 gears. But I had problems with the car, I had dropped a rubble tube in the gas tank and it destroyed the fuel screen on the sending unit, which later destroyed the fuel pump. I had to drop the fuel tank and change the fuel sending unit and the pump, and it ran fine for a while. Now I'm waiting to get it back because of a bad u joint that wasn't seated in correctly which wore out my rear bushing in my transmission and my pinion seal.

well, it's old and you have to take really good care of older cars and not do a lot of burnouts if you want them to last