Jdm guy this 2016 toyota Camry special edition is what she bought. The blue on black interior was the catch for me.

She had a 2004 cadillac cts and that's why she wanted a ats but the problem was it had rusted to much around the rad. The power steering lineswere leaking through the rusty lines. To much work to fix a whole read and change all the lines attached.

she will be much happier with this toyota, they last FOREVER

That’s a cool looking Camry. I love the color combination. She’ll be very happy with this Toyota, they will for sure last FOREVER. In the future, if you wife buys a new car and wants a sport sedan similar to ATS or CTS, I highly recommend her a Lexus IS (Cadillac ATS competitor) or Lexus GS (Cadillac CTS competitor). They’re both awesome cars and compete with BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi as well as Cadillac, too. Lexus is luxury brand of Toyota, so they’re reliability is the same, so they also will last FOREVER and always outsells these luxury brands mentioned before due to their long-lasting reliability.

Nice K platform Camry, although I wouldn't buy the SE or XSE versions because they ride too stiff. Harshness sneaks through in a very uncamry way. Other than that, they're great cars.