Interesting look, where'd you see that?

Echo Park in Los Angeles, California

I was walking around the neighborhood

My wife would love this car. She almost bought it but the back seats wouldn't go down. Lol the dealer asked if that was a deal breaker. My wife was like. Yeah i need the seats to go down. . couldn't believe cadillac ats backseat don't go down. At least on the2014s they didn't.

What an interesting experience your wife had at the Cadillac dealership. I’m a huge fan of sport sedans. I’ve never liked Cadillacs because they seemed boring, until I saw this beautiful looking Cadillac ATS-V parked on the street. This is the first time I describe a Cadillac “beautiful looking” Lol. Especially ATS-V. I would recommend your wife to get a Lexus IS, they’re seats do fold down. That’s actually my second favorite sports sedan behind the iconic well-known BMW 3 Series.