Why Not To Top Up Your Gas Tank When Filling It Up

Why Not To Top Up Your Gas Tank When Filling It Up. Because if you do, it can damage the anti pollution system of the car.

Scotty Kilmer, mechanic for the last 50 years, shows why it's a dumb idea to continue filling up your car's gas tank AFTER the automatic shut off on the pump handle turns the pump off. You don't want to ruin a VERY expensive part, as Scotty explains in this video.

It happened to my cousin law's VW Jetta! The Check engine light came on, and it wouldn't start whenever we re-fueled!

Is it the same with diesel engines? Does the diesel tank have this tool that can be damaged to?

yes, they have evap systems too

Goodam Mr Scotty Kilmer, Im Jay from Phillipines working in KSA a novice regarding auto problems, this is my first time to message you in your website i dont know if i message in the correct spot. I always watching your youtube. Recently I have problems with my Nissan Xrail 2003 model, it dies during driving or at idle period, before it was seldom to happen but now almost 3-5 times a day, Im nervous while driving on the road and it caused match of my money. Even the mechanic here they dont know what is the exact problem? Before there was a check engine! says MAF faulty, I changed it with new one, still my Car stalled, I changed the Throttle body because the mechanic told so, yesterday they changed the cranksensor both and fuel pump, still problem not solve? The Battery is new also 1 month old, sparkplug x4 new 3-4 months old? When all parts were new now its get hard to start? During the test there was a missfire on the sparkplug? first start of engine its spark and goes off, then start 2nd time no spark? now we put back the old camshaft at the top, its start better than before, but still stalled. Im thinking its that the IGNITION COIL? OR ECM itself? I hope you answer my concern, Thank you!

If it has coil on plug system, replace them all. if it has a distributor, replace the ENTIRE distributor assembly. Usually that, or the fuel pump going out which can be pressure testd