The Myth Of Lifetime Transmission Fluid

The Myth Of Lifetime Transmission Fluid

Scotty Kilmer, mechanic for the lat 50 years, dispels the myth of lifetime automatic transmission fluid that's currently being touted by manufacturers. ALL fluids break down and then so does the transmission, as Scotty explains.

yes, but what is that "lifetime"? They want to sell you another vehicle as soon as possible, they don't want them lasting all that long

Manufacturers these days only care about satisfying the original new car buyer so he keeps on buying new cars. The deadbeats who will buy it used can go jump in the lake They put tech which makes cars perform great with minumum hassle but shortens the lifespan.

Hi scotty,
I have a 2010 Nissan Sentra 2.0, it has 146,000 miles, am getting ready to replace the timing chain and the spark plug gasket, what else it recommended to be replaced? I very big on prevented maintenance. It’s a car that I drive daily 80-150 miles. I want to take advantage of doing this big prevented maintenance simultaneously because just to replace the spark plugs half of the engine has to be removed (intake manifold) I want to knock 2,3 birds with one stone. What is your advice?

timing chain tensioner too. and the sprockets IF they are wallowed out and not sharp

What I would do with lifetime transmission fluid if an owners manual says you don’t have to change the fluid in the car or not at all is I would ask autozone or research about the amount of quarts or what brand does the car suggest like for example I was looking at many different owners manuals online and a Mazda may not say anything about ATF but if I remember, Chris fix used MERCON something on his old Mazda pick up truck.