So I’ve got a choice of owning this bmw. It has a lightweight flywheel…


So I’ve got a choice of owning this bmw. It has a lightweight flywheel which makes the car sound like it has a trans issue, PO is a mechanic, worked on her but doesn’t have any paperwork for the work done. He is licensed n has backing from the city he resides in and works at a shop. Yet he lacks your years of knowledge; should I trust him?
“230k I’m a mechanic I’ve owned the car 6 years changed oil every 5000 miles with Castrol European formula. I changed the thermostat water pump and some hoses a little over a month ago, radiator was replaced within the year as were the engine and trans mounts. Really wasn’t planning on getting rid of the car but I ended up buying a newer 535 and so this one has to go.” Previous owners remarks.
He says there no oil leaks, yet when I drove the Yellow oil light, not red light, came on several times while normal driving they town. It went away when I lowered the rpms or shifted to N. At idle the car sounds like a diesel.
Here is his link and what he’s offering is $3500 I’m able to get him 3 and he’s able to take it.
It’s reg til this July. How expensive is registration for a 2000 beemer lol
He’s welded the trans mounts, and has changed the canister for the oil, and the ac is great n cold. Windows roll down n up, so I’m assuming electrically it’s sound. I currently own a classic beetle I’m in the process of finishing up as a DD.
Would this car serve me another decade if I maintenance her right?