New Video: How To Save A Flooded Car

Learn how to you can attempt to get a flooded out car running again. Sometimes you can get lucky and with a few simple tests and oil changing, you can get it going again

Scotty Kilmer, mechanic for the last 49 years, and citizen of flooded out Houston, shows how you may be able to save a flooded out car yourself. Good Luck to everyone and the 300 to 500 thousand flooded out cars in Houston.

I've done too many of those bottom end scan tool reviews. they are basically all the same, i'm always looking or new and updated scan tools myself. if your company has better ones, contact me with that info.

I have a 2002 tahoe z71 and when i give it gas it will accelerate to about 40 than if i try to accelerate more the rpms slyrocket and my oil gauge goes in the red. I let off the gas and eventually my truck will jump in 2nd 3rd etc but i have to be at like 5-10 mph for it to do so. Please what could be the issue?

Sorry posted this here cause your website wont let me post on questions at all...

transmission is going out for sure if rpms rise up fast. Those have crappy trannys.

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