Learn How To Fix Your Own Car

Learn How To Fix Your Own Car. Scotty shows how you can learn to fix your own car without having to use a mechanic.

Scotty Kilmer, mechanic for the last 50 years, shows how you can learn to fix your own car using his On The Road With Scotty Website.


Hi Scotty I have a Lexus RX 350 and the diagnosis shows me a P0420 and P0430 - catalyst below threshold banks 1 and 2...Please what can I do as the check engine signal is displayed on my dashboard? Please you can send me an email - promto2002@yahoo.com. Thanks Scott.

Sandy jj
Sandy jj

Hello Scotty Kilmer,
glad to hear from you.
my company has a new products which is the frist OBD2 scanner with EHCO function
Smart voice function help your hands free when diagnostic cars, just say “hello echo” to Faslink M2 App to wake up Faslink M2 Echo function, told it “scan the car”, Faslink M2 will work for read codes under your command.
also there has somr file of the products
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i am know you are a Professional for car
so i would like to send a free one to you for test it
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May i have a chance to have a cooperation with you?
I will always wait for your reply!
Warm regards&best wishes!
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many things can do that, rather than guess, analyze. Common problems are bad maf sensor, which data can be read on a scanner, or a clogged catalytic converter, which can be pressure tested