Hi Scotty, I have a question in regards to the after market wheels, I'm planning to put on an after market Rims for '15 Nissan SUV same size 17" as original, except the rims are 1"wider, and same size tires as original. I read online that you need hub rings for the wheels so that the wheels won't wobble, there are plastic and aluminum hub rings available, I read some stories online that without the hub rings the weight of the vehicle will be put on the wheels studs and the wheels studs over time can break, and some people said that they did not put on hub rings and did not have issues, if I go with plastic hub rings will they wear out over time and will need replacement? Or is it better to go with aluminum? (which aluminum hubs will scrape the interior of the rim) And how safe is it to drive with after market rims? ( I just don't won't a bearing, studs or anything else to break, or lose a wheels while driving) since this is not an auto repair question I'm just asking for an opinion. Thank you.