Hi Scotty, I am a fan of your channel and have learned a lot especially with the videos of you…


Hi Scotty,

I am a fan of your channel and have learned a lot especially with the videos of you fixing other peoples cars. I kind of share the same love of fixing cars without having full knowledge, all the tools I need and the certificate to do so actually. I try to do as the workshop manuals describe the service job to be done. As I am from a place across the globe and the cars are a little smaller and engines low sized here in Greece. I have mostly to deal with cars with 1,3 liter engines like the one my wife owns a 2003 Fiat Punto 188 turbo diesel 1,3lt multijet.(Everything that you hate but it has a manual transmission that’s a pos!!!) We have bought it used and now it has 400.000 Km (248548miles) and runs fine without any oil consumption it is regularly serviced by me! To sum up here is the fact, the car has consumed a high amount of heat oil about five full tanks, one full tank of olive oil (vegetable oil used for frying) in the last six months and some gasoline (without any problem but the raise of consumption to a certain level even with gasoline it did not knock). Now I have taken care of the refueling myself and no more heat oil or anything else will be used but only diesel as the car is designed to specifically use this kind of fuel. I need your advise does the car fuel system need to be cleaned if yes is there anything that i can do to clean the car's fuel system myself. This is a huge problem in Greece and is illegal to use other kind of fuels in your car so in order to be sure not to be accused should I have the fuel tank cleaned to? I do know the appeal in this subject but I can guarantee that it will be a viral in Greece if you make a video with this subject.

Thanks in advance Stylianos