Filter Car Odors Away

If your car has a tendency to smell, remember to change the cabin air filter. And Scotty shows how to make that filter even better for only a buck

Scotty Kilmer, mechanic for the last 50 years, reminds you to change your cabin air filter inside your car BEFORE it starts to stink and grow mold. AND, he shows how to make it work better with an additional carbon pre filter you can make for one dollar.

Looks great, Scotty. If anyone is having playback problems, please give a little detail on your browser, OS, and what you see (screenshot helps too) and Maven's engineers will check it out.

Hello! My car cranks and doesn't start. It has been sitting for 3 months. I charged the battery that was dead. Then put the battery back adding baking soda to remove corrosion. Then I added stuff to the gas tank to remove water. It was called SeaFoam. But nothing has happened. Help if you can