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Buying The Right Oil Filter

Discover How To Choose The RIGHT Oil Filter For Your Car. Don't waste money on a too expensive filter, BUT don't get a cheaply made filter that won't work.

Scotty Kilmer, mechanic for the last 49 years, shows how to pick the right oiil filter for your car. Learn a few simple things and keep your engine purring along for decades.

those are decent filters, but they won't hold up as long as these syn filters

I gave you your 50th view on that video at 7:00 AM Central Standard Time.

well thanks.


Hey Scotty. In my car manual it says "The engine oil must be replaced with suction with approved equipment" Whats your opinion?
Isn´t it enough to just empty the old oil and refill? and the get a new oil filter?

yes, they just say use suction cause it's easier. Draining from the bottom is better