Your honest opinion on the CR-V 1.5L Turbo


Mr. Scotty I absolutely love your channel. I’ve been watching you for years. My wife and I are car shopping, her 2014 traverse is getting up there in miles 113000 to be exact. It’s her daily driver of 50 miles plus a day. We are thinking of keeping it so I can run the kids around in it to give my 2006 Silverado a well needed break 215k on it. Bought it new in 07. My truck had been a great truck. Water pump and radiator is all that I’ve needed to replace. Her traverse I had to replace the fuse board at 100k and we just had to replace the rear evaporator coil. We are hoping to get a couple 2 or 3 more years maintenance out of the traverse until I can get all the little things fixed on the truck. Just to give you the back story. Because frankly, new cars scare the heck out of us. They just don’t build them like the used to. We test drove a 2020 blazer, trail blazer, equinox (I said a hard no on this one👍), a Terrain at the Chevy. We loved the Blazer but we all know that Chevy just don’t hold there value anymore, (learned that in the traverse) and for the price on one of those beta “blazers” (even though it had a 6 cylinder), I convinced her to go to the Honda dealership to test drive a CR-V we was both blown away by both the price and interior space of this gem. Very nice, and they hold there value well. All the CR-V models we looked at had the turbo boosted 1.5L and I remember you telling me to stay away from engine with fancy gadgets on them. My question to you. Is this a good Engine? Any information will be greatly appreciated. I apologize for the Kinda long winded question. Maybe I should have messaged you instead. Have a Great Day Sir.