WOW! I finally figured out how to ask on this! Anyhow sure hope I'm not too late.. Here goes.. Morning from Idaho Scotty.. Hey I'm into don't a timing cover seal and so I've actually have two questions.. The first is since it has 166,000 miles on it and I'm there I'm redoing the timing chain but was wondering if I change it would I have to worry about it affecting anything else when it's new and the rest is not? And.. also if I clean the oil pan gasket that is exposed really good can you recommend a sealant that I could use to make sure it's not going to leak! It an I stuck redoing the pan gasket because it's the light tan one and not the darker colored one. I've watched some videos saying you had to redo those but I'm sure hoping not because I'm broke as a joke and it's already a P.I.M.A.! Thanks again Brother Scotty as I know you know and I can rely on your option.. God Bless brother and have a great day! Al in Idaho👍😎

I use permatex The Right Stuff to seal and it never leaks. replace timing chain and tensioner, and check gears for wear