Would a motor run if you don't reprogram the computer after a engine swap? I'm thinking of getting the computer looked at on a count of the same codes poppin up. Now keep in mind I've been driving this vehicle with the check light engine on for quite some time and it's been running like a champ. The codes are ignition coil 1 and 5. I replaced the ignition coils and spark plugs today. Same codes keep popping up. How would I know if the computer has been reprogrammed after the engine swap. Or does it need reprogramming. I'm done with the mechanic shop that did the engine swap. Love your videos, Thanks

if you used the same exact make and model engine, it would not need reprogramming on most cars, Euro trash cars excepted. But if it runs like a champ, codes are obviously false codes, as bad coils would misfire. I would closely check the wiring from the computer to the coils though, cause even tiny bits of corrosion can do that on modern computers