I live in Toronto and want to drive SUV AWD that I used as a Limo a 2016 highlander hybrid V6 3.5 with original Engine Tran to 751 630 km. New battery ($6000) new Timkins Rear Passenger Hub, new OEM front brakes & rotors, new OEM rear shocks, new high end premium rear rotors & pads, Drain fill on all fluids (Tranny, Brake, Differential, Rad & Hybrid Batt fluid) twice x2. except stearing (stearing not the best, will do) Changed spark plugs twice x2 (xpensive due to stupid design placement) Car drives just fine (though I do push it being a Honda engine Speed chaser-I will repent) COVID parked for 6 months cylinder 2&3 misfire, it looks as if it’s electrical so will replace coiles for the first time. Minor front exhaust leak-after left parked, Front passenger CV-shaft boot leaking for 1.5 years so will need to replace, rear wiper motor dead, driver heated seat dont work, lumbar motor might be gone soon too, headlights bulbs burn every 4 months, fogs not all work (might be brain unit) washed daily since 2016-no under body rust, nothing replaced under hood (water pump, belts/chains, etc) I lost my 2.4 Earth Dream CVT 4 banger 2015 ACCORD TOURING to accident. originally I wanted to keep the highlander for personal drive for $2500 CAD but my bussiness partner wants $5500 and I have to spend at least $2500 CAD on parts & labour. My friend had a 92 Prelude that lived to 500K but had random little old car problems like solenoids going bad that drove him mad to diagnose and mechanics nowadays they just toss & replace but dont fix or diagnose. So $8k to buy/fix and possible $7K for newer Engine/Trann swapp. I’m not mechanically inclined but my friend is, Would I not be better off buying a less Km Engine car my Max budget is $15K but would love to spend a third and save the insurance money for a down payment on a house. I am unemployed at the moment, going back to school/self school which will cost too, but will get a job soon. Want a car that lasts 5-10 years with as little big money surprise spending as possible. I am very happy if the highlander gives me 3 years (150K km) before a swap is required. My fear is the electrical chaotic abyss of such car in the future. I posted it for sale $11,000 semi-serious offers (no deposit).

Please advise