Wife now wants an old corolla after driving mine for a week. I have a 7th generation, specifically a…


Wife now wants an old corolla after driving mine for a week. I have a 7th generation, specifically a white 1995 toyota corolla with 2 different tail lights ( I thought that "93 -97 were the same car" when I ordered a replacement tail on Rock auto) now its become part of her character.

When AC went on the F-150, and waiting on a paycheck to pay cash, she drove my '95 corolla for about a month and it grew on her,she has started sending me pictures of used 97 Corollas but they are all from "dealer-like" sites. I am unfamiliar with "cargurus" and "carsforsale" all that, Id rather search for cars for sale on craigslist College Station TX ( even though a live in Houston because of Hurricane Harvey water damage)

When I buy a car, I like to pay cash and to smell the transmission fluid. My step-Dad told me that "if it smells like burned toast, dont get it; it should smell as close to cherry soda as possible" then I look at the oil dip stick and make sure it doesnt have any bubbles in it. then I ask them if they kept maintenance records.

I worry that a dealership may have tricks which would circumvent my primary test of a good car

  1. What are your opinions on these dealer type sites

  2. Is there a Corolla from a newer generation that yall might recommend? Looking for something "old" like 1995- 2015, expecting to find one with 110,000 miles and to pay $2200 - $4,000

Scotty might recommend a used Lexus, I would consider that too.

Thanks in advance for your inputs!

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Also some more tips, open hood see if there is cream on inside of oil fill cap, here is my favorite as a former dealer. Look at fender bolts running down each fender under hood. If the paint is disturbed on bolts front end was damaged and straightened.and trunk. Look at from under middle for fresh undercoat spray.


Every day we advise steering clear of Stealerships. Buy private party only. Find a 1-owner Toyota built in Japan. Get 1995 or newer so you can pay a pro mechanic to OBDII scan it.