while running engine shut off. Now it does not start nor it cranks. I thought it might be the main relay but nothing happens. Starter just click the solenoid. I can hear the starting relay working. But nothing What could it be. 2002 accord 2.3 280k HELP

it shut off while you were running, pray it's a bad alternator so the battery is dead. Jump start it then and fix it. BUT, if it won't crank when jump started, odds are the engine is blown and locked up

continuing prev. message. After installing the new MAIN RELAY no changes occurred. I am afraid to use the car since it might die out at any moment, WHAT DO YOU THINK? Thanks

Re: 2002 Accord 2.3, engine shut down while driving and does not start nor cranks. I changed the starter and the engine is working great ( I tested the old starter and it tested good, since it was lifetime warranty, I got a new starter). The alternator is working good. What does the starter have to do with the engine shutting down after it has started the engine? I read in Honda Forum that this happens when the Main Relay goes bad. I changed the main relay and no changes occurred ( so I think the old relay was still good). I'm confused. Thanks for your help.