Where should this mysterious narrow pipe connect on my air intake?


A short tube off the air intake between the MAF and the throttle body has snapped off something... but what?

Scotty you're my only hope! If you Google the part number 1J0129684N you'll see the intake pipe from my 2003 Seat Toledo 1.8 20v (engine code APG). I believe the same engine is used in a VW Golf Mk 4 and others. While changing the air filter I noticed this short, narrow pipe that has nothing connected to it. There is a snapped, plastic tube at the end of it, but whatever was there is nowhere to be found so I don't even know what to buy to replace it. Can you help, please?

Here it is in place, highlighted with a yellow ring:

Another angle:

And here's a still frame from a Youtube video of someone else's similar vehicle. Every video I've watched doesn't quite show this tube or where it goes - it's driving me crazy!