When is it not worth it to fix up my old used Car?

David From NorCal

Hi Scotty, Love your YouTube videos I watch them all the time with my younger son (he is 9 years old). I sincerely appreciate all that you do in helping people with your great advice.
My question is with regards to my 1999 Volvo S80. I have had the car for almost 21 years - I am the original owner, bought it new in August 1999 in San Jose, CA. The car has over 222,000 miles on it - all California driving. It still runs but it needs work - front struts need replacing, VVT gasket is leaking oil, and the air conditioner needs fixing. In all the cost would be around $3000.00. At best the car is with $2000.00 according to Kelly Blue Book. Personally I think that $2000 value is way too high given how old it is and the mileage. If I fix up the car I have confidence it will run great for a few more years. Everything else is in good shape - tires, brakes, etc. Question I have - is it worth spending the money knowing I may only get another few years of life in the car or should I cut my losses and just drive it (with the windows rolled down casue the air conditioner is broken) until it dies?

Sincere Thank you for your feedback.

David from NorCal.