When I turn my ignition my car wont start and I notice there's no fuel pump sound or check engine light illuminated right before I start my car.

I notice at times my car will start under these conditions but a while later it will stall out when I'm driving down the road somewhere.

When I very slowly turn the ignition the pump engages and the check engine light will come on and my car will start up immediately and rund and drive without any issues at all.

its only when I try to turn the ignition normally it wont signal the PCM or the ICM to allow the car to start.

I'm thinking there's an issue with the starter switch or solenoid.

Have you ever heard of this? turn key very slowly and everything acts normal but if you just try and fire it up turning the ignition key quickly it wont start or starts but then either stalls or drives a while and might or might not stall?

try a new ignition switch first