What was peak reliability for Honda?


I bought a new Accord Sedan and a Wagon in 1994. Aside from maintenance (including brake flush every 3 years), both needed brake master cylinders, clutch master cylinders, clutches, fuel level senders, sway bar bushings, and axles (due to torn boots). The wagon needed upper ball joints and a starter as well. The sedan was replaced in 2007 by a 6 speed V-6 Accord Coupe and the wagon with a 2011 Acura TSX wagon (my first automatic). The new Accord came with a bad 2nd gear syncro, fixed in the first year under a service bulletin. When the clutch wore out, my mechanic and a Honda specialty shop said they did not have the special tools to do it. Had to have it done at the dealer for $3,200 (12 hours labor)! The Acura (assembled in Japan) developed a bad VTEC actuator and leaking axle seals fixed under warranty and is the first car I've had since 1977 that's consumed any oil. Got my warranty extended due to problems with the low tension piston rings but that's up now. I started using only top-tier gas and Techron a couple of times a year and consumption has improved to 1qt per 6,000mi. Seems like the 94's had far more problems that were small, but the newer cars had just a couple of issues that were serious or expensive. Acura has actually cost nothing out of warranty and the car is 9 years old with 100,000 miles of mostly stop and go driving.