What coolant is the best for preventing corrosion in a new car?

Hello Scotty!

I recently saw some of your videos on youtube and I found them very helpfull.

So , my story is that I'm from Greece and I have a Nissan Micra K10 since 1993.I bought it new so I'm the only one owner.

The problem is that on December of 2016 I had problems with water leaking from radiator and my mechanic found that I had to change the head gasket.The problem as you can see from the photo was the corrosion from water.When I was first purchase this car I was not aware of this so I just put tap water on radiator for many years.The last 2 years I use only coolant solutions from the market but the damage has already done the job and I can't do anything.When I change the head gasket my car had 428K km and now has 446K km.

So I was thinking to buy a newer car mostly because my old car has not airbags and A/C unit.I'm somehow decide to buy the new Kia Rio 1.25lt gasoline and I want an opinion about this car or if you have any other suggestions.

The main reason though is to ask you what coolant I can use to not damage the engine and prevent corrosion.I will stick to this new car (hopefully) for many years and I want to treat it well from the start.

Thanks in advanced for your time and wish you the best.