What make my 1999 Camry asking many cranks? ============================================ Thanks…


What make my 1999 Camry asking many cranks?

Thanks for your replies to my thread. I did watch many of your videos.

I find that my 1999 Camry (110K original miles, 20K on new engine) is not starting on first attempt. I am not hearing cracking sound. I am hearing click sound, but lights are showing up on dashboard.

It is starting on repeated tries. I took to repair shop, who told me to replace the battery. I did. Still has same issues, but the shop says need to replace the starter. I have the OEM starter.

After reading some threads/YouTube, I find suggestion to replace the plunger/contacts of the starter to fix this issue (Repair Starter option).

I find an another observation, that need a closer look.

I find my Camry start as normal , when I turn the KEY to ON position , pause(wait) and start (crank). I am not sure what is happening here. Eg. I can turn the KEY to ON and wear my seat belt and start(crank), car start as normal.

I did not find any threads or google hits for this behavior.

I am asking this, because I do not want to replace/repair a good (working) starter in this process.

Is this behavior confirm the bad starter?

Are there any other problem/defect contribute to this behavior?

Do you have any videos to address this behavior?

Thanks for your guidance.