What is your opinion on a the 2008 Cadillac cts 3.6L v6? I've seen a lot of these Cadillacs with high millage. I'm thinking about buying one with 148k miles, very clean, for $4,700.

I would not buy one, GM quality is crap and that car's 10 years old

Haha what. I know I asked your opinion, but you're going to turn your back on a car because it's 10 years old ( which isn't bad at all - I owned a 1998 Mercury Mountaineer for 4 years and it only needed an alignment, that's over 20 years old) I like you Scotty but not every answer is Toyota. It only needs to last me 4-6 years. Thanks though, you're a real fart smeller.

Asked his opinion and when he gave it you got butthurt

Scotty is in love with Toyota's that are 10 years +. And I've got two friends that have Toyota's and a civic with issues. They barely have 100k miles. Toyota's aren't the only reliable choice.