What do you think about drug/alcohol use in automotive shops?

Big Daddy Jody

I worked for a non profit for over one year. Wasn’t happy with management etc. I was doing the job of five people. Meanwhile my brother which was an ex con on probation is trying to recruit me to work with him at a nationwide chain auto shop. I quit my job at the non profit and started working with him only find out everyone including my brother was drinking and using drugs on the job site. I couldn’t deal with it. So I quit. I also contacted HR and told them why I did. This caused a lot of people to get fired including my brother which is now working for a local shop making less money. And I ended up getting contacted by my original manager from the nonprofit and getting rehired on the spot. My question for you is would you put up with that? Should I feel guilty for doing what I did? Honestly. Tell me what you think. And if me and you are in the same boat about working on people’s expensive cars soberly make a video about it. Let people know what types of coworkers you’ve dealt with as a mechanic over the years. Let people know that it’s not okay to let drunk/high people work on their car. Thank you.