What do people think of cars produced on the Nissan-Renault "B" platform (Inifinti EAQ/Nissan Juke/Cube in the US, lots of models elsewhere in the world)

I'm considering getting a second hand 2012-15 car based on that platform, probably one of the Dacias (Sandero, Duster or Logan, which are the largest, cheapest cars built on the "B" platform). With petrol engine and manual transmission. I don't plan to put a lot of miles annually on the car, but want to keep it for a few years.

Things I know already: The older Renault sourced 1.6L engines can be prone to overheat (and suffer terminal damage if not caught quickly) when older (I would probably try and get the more efficient and peppy 1.2 turbo petrol anyway) The Indian built Dusters (imported into UK) tend have poor paint jobs (these are only available at base trim levels, in white only, without split rear seats which is a must have, so won'd buy one of these). The others available in the UK are Romanian built. The Euro NCAP crash ratings of Dacia are not as good as equivalent Nissan/Renault models on the platform, but are scored down due to not having various electronic driving aids, the physical assessments score similarly.

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Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer


you can't keep nissans long like toyotas or hondas, period