what are those valves on the stabilizer link bar for?

I think my link bars are dead on a 2007 Hyundai Entourage, genuine link have a sort of valve, new ones don't...

Hi Scotty,

I watched your video about weird suspension noise on the front wheel and realized that my wife minivan linked bar are getting bad.

The genuine one isn't sealed and has just some sort of rubber dust protection, behind the ball stud there is a sort of valve (like on the picture). The new one I bought has no valve and the rubber is sealed.

What the valve is for?

Should I go forward with the new one with no valve or buy the exact same with a valve?

Thanks for your help and all those videos that helps saving money !!


That's a grease point

that is a grease fitting so you can grease it with a grease gun, buy those and grease em every oil change