Well this morning i tried to crank my car up and it wont start. After i tried to cranked it it made a weird, kinda loud, and deep sound in the back seat. I also have speakers that did that every time i turned the car on (i didnt think it was a problem because car worked perfectly fine) this time it sounded like that, but at a super rapid rate. All the gauges turned on and went back to 0 as soon as i turned the switch back to off.

by the way, Its a manual 99 mustang v6.

fuel pump is inside the gas tank back there, check that

More news, is not the fuel pump. I turned the switch on and the battery gauge started at the middle and slowly begun to cut off. Also, windows didnt have much power. I turned the radio on and the headlights on and the radio turned off. Now I just wanna make sure if its the battery or it could be alternator? By the way lights on the dashboard are barely on