We are buying a 1974 Mercedes 450SL with the 4.5L v8 with 87,000…


We are buying a 1974 Mercedes 450SL with the 4.5L v8 with 87,000 original miles on it to restore, found one with almost no body rust for cheap like 1500 but has a running issue. Car won’t go over 40 and it’s just dumping fuel into the motor like no tomorrow making it flood out, has no throttle response at all till you press the gas pedal 3/4 of the way down. It’s not carbureted otherwise I would say the carburetor is due for a rebuild but no it’s got Bosch D-Jetronic fuel injection. I found an article about it: http://w107.pbworks.com/f/DJetronic.pdf

The article states for excessive fuel consumption quote on quote “defective sensors, ECU, MPC (another name for MAP sensor), improperly adjusted throttle valve, or inadequate fuel pressure.” I can confirm the throttle valve works fine, cuts off fuel and turns it back on as specified in the article. The article doesn’t say which sensors could be defective, just says could be one or more. There’s no diagnostics built into that ecu I don’t think so I wouldn’t know, id have to test them all with a multi meter. The motor fires right up within 3 cranks, runs for a second then dies out due to flooding. Then I restart it and it stays running. It won’t rev up smoothly and bogs really bad. The fuel injectors have been rebuilt, new fuel pump (makes the correct pressure required) and fuel filter, and the fuel system has been cleaned out from the gas tank to the injectors. Car has a brand new alternator too and charges good. It’s gonna be a weekend cruiser and maybe we will sell it for a profit in the future. Need some advice before we bite the bullet and pay the 1500 bucks the guy wants for it (he is flexible on the price so I’ll talk him down).