At 98,000 miles I brought my 2013 Hyundai Accent to my Hyundai dealer due to a metallic rattling noise on acceleration. Hyundai dealer said this was caused by pre-detonation. I declined their recommended Engine Tune Up and Fuel Induction Service as didn’t have $$ to fix then. Tried 93 Octane Gas, didn’t solve problem either.

A year later at 119,000 miles I got the Tune Up and Induction Service done at same dealer. Still didn’t fix rattling noise. I declined their offer to remove carbon from valves (price quote: $500). Several months later Check Engine Light came on, dealer said P0420 code retrieved and I needed Front Exhaust Manifold with Cat Converter. Quote on part $1100, which I declined.

Since then, car has run very roughly. I brought the car to them one more time, they did a compression test and said car needs a new engine (price quote for used engine = $4300). Again I declined due to high cost just as the innumerable other fixes they offered were expensive, and the ones they recommended I tried failed every time.

Car now has 150K miles and runs terribly.

Biggest question: the car had a 100,000 mile warranty on it, and dealer never mentioned that to me when I brought it in at 98,000 miles. I’m in New York, can I get any satisfaction at least on the damaged engine, as they did not let me know the car was still under warranty?

I’m wondering also if the Catalytic Converter/Exhaust Manifold was later damaged by the initial problem they diagnosed as pre-detonation, and if I can get satisfaction on that too (which they should have fixed under the 100K warranty and never told me about.) On the bill they noted the mileage was 99K miles when brought in so they must have known about the warranty coverage.

Second question, it is well known that GDI (Gasoline Direct Injection) Engines have significant issues with pre-detonation, do you know if Hyundai has paid out in settlements with customers on damages to Hyundai engines due to this problem which is directly related to the GDI designed engines? Or have they covered engine damage due to pre-detonation under their 100K warranty and fixed this problem free for customers?

This is an issue which has been discussed ad nauseum on Car Forums yet I have not seen a clear answer to this question. I am certain Hyundai owners (and owners of other cars with GDI pre-detonation engine problems) would like to see a good answer to this to know their rights in this matter of warranty coverage/settlements from Hyundai.

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Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer


Those Korean car manufactures never do stand behind the cars very well and have had numerous engine problems from poor manufacture . You can try complaining to them but they generally do not care at all that with your dollars and never buy another one of those junkers