Hey scotty, i needed a little help, i have a 2010 Skoda Octavia 1.6 Tdi , its very hard to start and when it does start after 4-5 trys it runs a little rough but gets better as the engine warms up the car has literally no pickup to it, it is an automatic so have to manually shift it to pick up speed , i did a scan using VCDS and the codes that come up are P0016 and P0341, the glowplug light flashes and the DPF light is on , the car was involved in an accident and the auxiliary belt was replaced as it was broken, just wanted your thoughts on what the problem could be . many thanks

check for wiring damage to the transmission system from that wreck first.

hi, i checked it and no problems with the wiring to transmission

it goes into gears fine

but the vehicle has no power

when you rev it , it is loud