Vibrating plastic-like sound in the engine

plastic-like vibrating sound in the engine bay.. I turn off/On the engine and the weird sound is gone.

Hi Scotty!!

As you can hear there is something plastic-like vibrating sound object .. I don't know if it came inside the engine or just somewhere else. The car has 20k mileage in the odometer..

inside the plastic is the engine cam. Pray it's just a worn out timing belt or timing chain, and not a breaking down cam. Have a mechanic take the cover off and see what's breaking inside

@ScottyKilmer any reason at all why a timing belt or a cam would go bad this early for a 20k mileage engine? I change my oil regularly every 10k with 5w30. in fact I had a change oil few days ago.

If the car has a warranty, I'd just let the Ford dealer deal with it.

Ford already checked it and it turns out the Variable camshaft timing (VCT) Is causing the Noise..

they didn't touch it and they put it under observation because the noise go away when the engine heat up..

I'm not convinced because this noise is originally not here even the engine is cold in the first 6 months of ownership.