Hey Scotty, not a question but a thumbs up on a product you mentioned awhile back.
ValvoMax. After watching the video, I thought that was a neat system to drain oil from an engine so I bought one for all 3 of my vehicles. I installed it in February 2020 on my Honda Pilot SUV. July 22, it was oil change time so I got everything out and found I could just barely get the hose assembly threaded onto the part that attaches to the oil pan. The Honda Pilot has an offset in the oil drain, so when I tried to screw the drain hose onto the oil pan piece, the star ears kept hitting against the oilpan offset and the drain would not work correctly. On July 23, I sent an email to ValvoMax to see if they were aware of the problem or had a fix. I sent the email at 211PM EDT. At 214PM, EDT, my phone rang and the gentleman from ValvoMax told me they had become aware of the problem and were building a database of models where that would be an issue. He told me he would ship a replacement out today and I should have it within a few days. NO CHARGE. WOW!!! Talk about customer service.