Used Lexus ES330 2004-06

Used Lexus ES330 2004-06. Worth it?

I have a question regarding buying an used lexus ES330. 2004/05/06 model years. Is there anything that is inherently wrong with these cars that i need to be aware of. If I buy it at a 110k-120k miles, will they last me another 100 miles with just regular maintenance? I want a cheap car with some luxury and cant afford a newer one. Also let me know if you have any other car suggestion around the same price range ($4000-$6000). Appreciate your response.

Great cars, But the es330s had interference design engine meaning if the timing belt snaps the valves will hit the pistons. I would go with an older model es like an 2002 or 2003 es300 as they had better designed engines.

yes, madman is correct with those year models . But otherwise they are all great cars, I see many with over 250 thousand miles on them