Used car, good deal or not?

We traded a 2008 Almera with a 2013 Trax LTZ. Should we keep it or sell it with more money after fixing it all?

I'm gonna try to be as short as possible, so like the summary said, we got a Chevy Trax LTZ (Costs new 26k usd, we got it for the Almera + 2k usd more or more accurate $6500usd).

Interior looks a little worn already, more than the 2008 car and with 100k miles vs 150k. So let's bring up the list:

Rear wheels are not aligned correctly with the front, when cold it shifts normally but being warmed up and shifts roughly, the keys are beaten up, both keys with duck tape, the interior smells wet, rides a bit bumpy even with new tyres (Hankook v12), needs new brakes, trunk sensor is broken so trunk light is always on and the instrument cluster says one door is always open, and the last issue is that airbag light is on, also came with no car alarm system (Only remote door lock/unlock works)

We already replaced the thermostat, fixed a radiator hose that caused coolant leaks, suddenly we got a issue with AC leaking gas and now works great again, but we still need to change the evaporator soon.

We already checked the car with an OBD2 computer and passed every test, some are "easy" fix and some stuff needs to be addressed, we must say, the car looks like it was never treated correctly, I mean the oil was already old (And not forgetting about thermostat being broken) when we got it, all fluids were old (We still need to change transmission fluid because of rough shifting).

Should we keep it? Sell it after fixing and get something that give us more confident? Can a car that wasn't treated correctly for 4 years or 100k miles be reliable and long lasting? Or anything can go down the road (Engine or transmission rebuild)?

No. 1-2


sell it, they are junk as they age and become endless money pits.


Ups, it wasn't that short xD Also, I wanna say thanks for all your videos and help from your youtube channel, really helps here on Panama, when is difficult to ask someone who really knows what he's saying.